Blog - February 2022

  • Am I good enough for this role?

    Posted on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 by David SavageNo comments

    Am I good enough for this role? Am I qualified enough? How will I cope with a rejection? These are all very normal doubts which candidates will face as they consider a new role. I want to offer some a different perspective on how to look at the process of stepping up to a new position. There’s an expression I really like; ‘You cannot steer a stationary ship. No matter how deep and long you ...

  • Are you ruining your own chances of joining the company of your dreams?

    Posted on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 by Belinda ElliottNo comments

    Do you have a company that you have set your heart on to work for, and applied numerous times but never got a response, or worse still constantly rejected? When companies are advertising for their vacancies, they are looking for candidates who have at least 80% of the skills and experience set out in their job advertisements. If you don't have this we wouldn’t recommend that you apply. Many ...

  • Are you prepared for questions on managing a team?

    Posted on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 by Amanda FieldingNo comments

    If you are looking for a new role with management responsibilities, especially managing a team are you fully prepared for what questions you may be asked with regards to this area of the role. You may have managed a team previously or you may be looking for your first role looking after a team, whatever experience you have it is really important to prepare as much as possible for key questions ...